Imagine waking up tomorrow with a real life Oracle guiding your day ahead, [NAME]...

This Is More Powerful Than Intuition Dear One… It’s Like Seeing Your Future!

And It’s My Duty to Share This Amazing Gift With You [NAME]...
First, I have an important question to ask you

Do You Feel Lucky [NAME]??

I’m sure you’ve contemplated this before, so please indulge me for a short moment and decide if you feel as though you are blessed with good luck…
Maybe you’ve won a large sum in a drawing, or scratch off ticket.
Maybe you encountered a dangerous situation but managed to walk away unscathed… like a car accident, or a mugging.
Maybe you were born with incredible genes and a vibrant personality…
Maybe you had it easy in relationships and been chased by beautiful people all your life… or you are in a perfect marriage right now…
Maybe you landed a high paying job without trying hard at all, or you were born into a fortune…
All these are examples of a person that would excitedly shout out “YES! I am definitely blessed with good luck…”

But the reality is, most people I’ve asked this question to respond with a resounding NO!

Their life to this point has not felt very lucky at all…
Instead of an amazing relationship with Your Twin Flame, they’ve found themselves in relationships of control, jealousy and fighting
Instead of winning large sums of money, or being born rich… they’ve struggled their entire lives to pay the bills and make a living
Instead of perfect genes, they’ve been hit with health disorders… less attractive features… or many other insecurities
Instead of barely avoiding that scary car accident… they got t-boned and their car was totalled leaving them injured and in financial straits
The truth is, only a small percentage of people are TRULY LUCKY!

One way or another, a majority of us just haven’t had an easy life at all!

And yet, we’d still like to BELIEVE that our hopes and dreams are possible… and can still come true.

Because as humans we are hardwired with optimism and no matter how bad things get in our lives, we keep hoping that one day soon it will all turn around!

Well My Dear [NAME], I’m Proud To Say That Today Actually IS Your LUCKY DAY!…

Because in a few moments, I’ll show you a remarkable discovery I made after the darkest moment of my life…

A discovery that helped me go from nearly homeless, jobless, relationship-less, penniless and sickly…

To a well respected leader of an industry, with enough money to live comfortably, a beautiful wife that is a perfect personality match, and 2 amazing children that one day will be incredible leaders themselves.
Hi dear, my name is Michael De-Angelo

And I’m just an ordinary guy who had the worst luck on planet earth until one day, by a miracle all that changed.

You see, I found myself at the lowest point of my life when I was in a horrible car accident that left me with 13 fractures, 7 broken bones and internal bleeding.

The doctors in the operating room said I was lucky to have survived, but I sure didn’t feel lucky because my life I knew it was over.
Turns out this was the greatest blessing of my life, because I soon learned the tremendous power of going WITHIN, and connecting directly with the Source of all Life!

My days were spent either harvesting the crops on our sacred land, meditating in silence, or having deep conversations with the elders about the essence of life itself. 

And over the course of three wonderful years, I learned mastery of myself and the body, mind and spiritual connection.
That’s Because They’d Just Broken The News That I May Never Walk Again...
I left the hospital in a wheelchair that I’d stay in for the next 6 months.

I was depressed, hopeless and really in a very dark place.

But one day, all that changed when I met a beautiful soul living on this earth as a holistic doctor.

Her name was Amy, and she’d soon take me on a miraculous journey that not only enabled me to get out of my wheelchair again, but transformed my entire life with one lucky experience after another.

A journey that led me deep into the Ancient and beautiful country of Greece, into the Temples of Delphi and to a mystic named Magdala who would show me ancient manuscripts of the Oracles.

For weeks, Magdala would translate these ancient manuscripts that contained these Oracle reading formulas and then afterward lead me on intense meditative sessions.

My Life Began Transforming Before My Eyes… One Good Thing After Another Started Happening To Me
Like when one session Magdala led was about closing old wounds, and the very same night my ex called me out of the blue to see how I was doing.

I hadn’t talked to her since she left after my accident… but for some strange reason she decided to call me that very same day that Magdala led a session on healing old wounds

And it ended up doing just that, I told her how much my life had improved and wished her well and it was all positive… amazing considering we broke up in a bad argument and hadn’t spoken since!
Or the following day, when the hotel I was staying at offered me a free vip upgrade to one of their suites for no reason… except that Magdala's session that afternoon was on gratitude and abundance
Or when I returned home to Ventura California and my close friend had a sudden job opportunity open up and he was in charge of the hiring… so he hired me on the spot!
Not long after, my brother Steve had come over and was commenting on my miraculous transformation and wanted to know my “secret”.

That’s when I showed him the Oracle Reading manuscripts I’d been using to know when good or bad things were about to happen, before they happened!

He was so impressed, that he offered to partner with me and take this online.

Steve proposed a software program that would take all the formulas and techniques used by the Oracles, and make them available to anyone and everyone in less than 60 seconds!

12 Months Later, The Lucky Oracle Reading Software Was Live And Getting Remarkable Results…

“I can't believe how accurate this program is Michael. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first.

But once I entered my birthdate and clicked submit, I received a message that resonated so deeply with my soul.

It’s as though something incredible was speaking directly to me, and telling me just what I needed to hear

You see, I’d recently gone through a nasty divorce and it was a very rough period for me.

The divorce had forced me to sell our house and move into a tiny apartment with a pile of debt”

- Adriana
People’s stories began pouring in left and right…
One mans alarm clock malfunctioned so he missed a train that ended up derailing, killing nine people.
Another quit a job he hated after the Oracle software showed a strong GREEN DAY on his reading, and was offered a job he loved (that paid twice as much) the very next day
A woman over my niece’s legos and breaking my little finger on September 11, 2001, causing me to miss my flight to NYC.
Or another woman who had just been advised by a friend to invest in bitcoin (this was in 2014) and because her chart reading was GREEN she put in $5,000 when normally she never would have done it. Just think how much that investment is worth today!
When you are able to heed critical warnings and act on opportunities before they happen, you’ll feel invincible...

[NAME], This Powerful Oracle Reading Software IS the Turning Point You (& the Rest of Humanity) Have Been Waiting For...

And Today... It’s Finally Ready To Be Shared With You [NAME]!
Inside the Oracle Reading Generator you'll be able to run unlimited readings for every area of your life. Every single day! Need Guidance in your love life? The Oracle is here to help. What about finances? It can steer you into financial opportunities you'd have never imagined possible. 
You'll have a personalized calendar mapped out for your month, in every key area of your life. Showing you the RED and GREEN days to recognize opportunity, and spot danger. Think of this calendar like your roadmap to amazing days, it's configured using a combination of astrological and numerological data that is constantly changing [NAME]
Your Oracle Reading Software will also configure your readings based on Guardian Angels. You see dear, these angels are constantly around (even though the naked eye can't see them) and they communicate through the universal power of energy. The very same energy that moves planets, and sends messages in numbers! Now you can hear them speak, more clearly than ever... 
Your very own Oracle is configured using combinations of ancient metaphysical formulas, planetary alignments, and algorithmic data that has proven for centuries to correlate with good and bad events. And as crazy as it may sound, you must try it for yourself before casting doubt. It's unlike anything you've seen before, and you will have unlimited access to it's powerful readings a few short minutes from now [NAME]

[NAME], you may look back on this as the moment you altered the future of your life (& the future of humanity) because you decided to take action today…

Just imagine yourself holding this incredible resource in your hands a few short moments from now

What will you do with it’s powerful readings?
Will you become rich and famous…
Or attract Your Twin Flame...
Or maybe like me you’ll go from broke and near death to amazing health and wealth
There is no magic pill you can take that will change your life, [NAME]...

But this Oracle Reading Software definitely CAN!

It absolutely changed mine…

Honestly, it was quite challenging for me to put a price on this powerful information, [NAME]...

I know the life-changing impact it has had on my life, my friends’ lives, and my clients’ lives.

The value it provides is priceless!
However, it is essential that as many people as possible are able to access this transformative and empowering personalized intuitive Draw My Twin Flame…
So I am making sure that EVERYONE can afford to access this, [NAME]!

The normal price for this Oracle Reading Software will be $997…

But During This Limited Time Launch-Only Pricing You Can Get It Right Now For As Little As $997 $37...

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But You Shouldn’t Take My Word For It, [NAME]... Here's What More Members Have Had To Say About Their Lucky Oracle Reading Software:

“ Wow! I have bought so many readings that didn’t help me at all!

But this lucky oracle reading software has taken everything in my life to the next level! 

I made some smart investments in the stock market on green days and they blew up! 

I’ll always be grateful for the day I decided to invest in my future with this lucky oracle software.”

- Rebecca N.
“I almost didn’t buy this when I saw it. It seemed too good to be true.

But after I used it for only three days, I could see how accurate my readings were. They have been spot-on every single day! I love seeing everything the universe has in store for me over the next few weeks.

It’s like knowing what you’re going to get on Christmas morning, but not knowing every detail… So you know when you’ll receive a wonderful gift, but you still get a happy surprise when you find out exactly what it is!

I've used it to find my soulmate while avoiding wasting my time on dates with men who weren’t right for me. I was also offered a new job that pays three times my current one! I can’t thank you enough! I’m crying tears of gratitude!”
- Scott L. 
And If this isn’t already one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever had to make in your life, I’m going to make this process even simpler.

Humanity NEEDS you to fulfill your mission, [NAME]… the world can’t wait any longer!


I have yet to hear any complaints about the Lucky Oracle Reading Software!

And that’s why I want to give you an entire year to experience the magic that your Lucky Oracle Reading Software will bring to your life.

You’ll have 365 days to use this software and decide for yourself if it’s as good as I promise it will be for you.

If you don’t feel that it has COMPLETELY delivered and aided you to a better life, making better decisions, you won’t have to pay a dime!

Because if this software just doesn’t align with the future you’re trying to create, I won’t get in your way. All you’ll need to do is send me a quick message and I will happily refund your money back, no questions asked!
I just want you to live the life you were born to live, [NAME].

A life filled with magic, miracles, and wonder.

Where you are fully understanding messages from the Universe, being gently and sweetly led to fulfill your Cosmic Destiny!

And… I know that your Lucky Oracle Reading Software will empower you to do this, [NAME].
Try Your Lucky Oracle Reading Software Risk-Free For 365 Days With My “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

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You don’t have to keep living in chaos and frustration, [NAME]...

It’s time for you to have the advantage of UNLIMITED LUCK and good fortune you deserve!

That’s Why I’m Also Including SEVEN Special Bonuses With Your Purchase Today…

Free access to the lucky oracle reading software for three additional friends, family, or loved ones
That’s right! You can share this software with 3 people, anyone you choose… for no additional cost

They too can use this powerful tool to login and generate their own readings… and you’ll have covered their tab

Imagine how many people you know would want access to this, once they start seeing the results you’ve gotten in your life

And now, you can gladly tell them it will cost them absolutely nothing because you’ve taken care of it for them!
Today I’m also going to include in your members area portal six guidebooks to help you get the fastest and most beneficial results possible from your readings…
The first is the quickstart guide which gives you the details on how to use the software the moment you log-in.
Next, I’m including my introduction to fortune telling guidebook to help you go much deeper into peering through time into your own future.

I’m also including the history of fortune telling so you can understand the many ancient ways that have been used to see through time and help build empires.
I’m also including the history of fortune telling so you can understand the many ancient ways that have been used to see through time and help build empires.
The fourth guidebook is called benefits of the universe...

It will reveal how you can use universal powers to your advantage by recognizing the language the universe uses to communicate with you.
I’m also including the history of fortune telling so you can understand the many ancient ways that have been used to see through time and help build empires.
The fifth guidebook, universal powers, explains the secrets to manifesting anything you want...

By channeling the power of numerology, tarot, angels, and astrology.

It will show you why the information in your readings is so revealing and why you need to study your guidance each and every day.
The sixth and final guidebook is the lucky days guidebook.

It will reveal the secrets to knowing what your lucky days are and how to best leverage them for the greatest luck possible.
This is so powerful, it’s worth the entire price of the program on it’s own [NAME]. Because in this you’ll know whether you are in a GREEN or RED day and how to act accordingly!

Opportunities Don’t Happen Every Day [NAME] That’s Why Taking Action Is A Tremendous Asset To The Successful And Lucky Few...

Why continue to struggle when you don’t have to?

You’ve been divinely guided to this message in this exact moment to ENSURE you that you ARE on the right path.

All you have to do is start today...

This one small step will empower you to fulfill your Cosmic Destiny, your Essential Mission, that will not only impact your life, [NAME]...

It will ensure that you are doing YOUR part in humanity’s shift in the Aquarian Age, making sure we go down the ORGANIC path, and not the AI one!

That's right... humanity’s future is counting on YOU.

YOU choose whether to fulfill your destiny -- no one else.

Click the button below to begin your new lucky life today [NAME]...

There's ONLY 00:00 Minutes Left to take advantage to take advantage of our special launch offer and receive your Twin Flame Drawing completely FREE with your guide

Free Vision Drawing Offer Ends In:
$39.95 Only $17
My Inbox Is Flooded With Stories [NAME], Will You Be Next?
“I was almost suicidal when a former high school friend sent me a message about this crazy Lucky Oracle Software on whatsapp.

The previous week, I had lost my job of 20 years out of the blue. Then I found out my husband had been cheating on me with my former best friend. My world fell apart. I quickly crashed and burned and hit rock bottom.

It's incredibly reassuring to know that when times seem the darkest, there can be a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. I’m convinced that every human on the planet should be using this every day to guide their lives. We would have a lot less heartache and a lot more happiness if that happened!”
- Liz G.

There's ONLY 00:00 Minutes Left to take advantage to take advantage of our special launch offer and receive your Twin Flame Drawing completely FREE with your guide

Free Vision Drawing Offer Ends In:
$39.95 Only $17
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