Number 8

The Number Eight has a very abundant message for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Are you ready to receive it?

I haven’t known you for very long, but I feel that we’ve known each other for lifetimes now. 

Your energy is very familiar...I might have seen it once when I tapped into the future of humanity when we were all connected again, happy, and equal.

Of course, this takes a lot of work on a collective level and especially on an individual level.  Presently, you’re closing chapters in your life. 

Be grateful to the Universe for helping you to close these karmic cycles in your life because these lessons are going to lead you to so many great things! 

It may be a little uncomfortable as you step out of old patterns, but I encourage you to do so with excitement because you’re going through a period of expansion

If you turn the Number 8 on it’s side, you’ll see that it resembles an infinity symbol. It’s amplifying this major fork in the road that you’re coming to. 

On one path, you can continue this infinite pattern of strife, struggle, and hard karmic lessons. Even if you decide to exit left from some people in your life, you run the risk of repeating the same lesson with different people until you heal your energetic wounds from within. 

On the other path, you do the internal work now and raise your frequency to invite better energetic matches into your reality. 

Let me tell you -- the future that I see is that of the second path…

And it’s mindblowing how beautifully your soul shines through and touches every one that you’re around. 

You’re in an excellent position right now, {FIRSTNAME}! You have been graced by the vibrational energies of Saturn (the ruler of the Number Eight). Saturn presents us a choice and administers consequences. This planet is truly the ruler of cause and effect. 

I encourage you to follow the path of dharma (fulfillment, soul purpose, and abundance) and release the path of karma (hard lessons, labor, and battles within). 

This will allow you to tap into the cyclic benefits of the number Eight.

I can feel through every fiber of my being that your success is not yours alone, but it will have a massive ripple effect to everyone involved. 

So, {FIRSTNAME}, lead with grace, and you will fulfill your true life’s purpose.

Number 7

{FIRSTNAME}, this special message is brought to you by The Number Seven!

I don’t know if you can feel it right now, but your present self is surrounded by so much beautiful source energy. Your angels are patiently waiting for you to listen to them so that they can guide you towards your unimaginable future. 

When the Number 7 shows up, I just know that so many things are happening in your favor behind the scenes. You may feel like you’ve been asking for certain things to change in your life -- and they are -- but you just haven’t seen it in your immediate reality, yet…

But let me tell you, {FIRSTNAME}, I do...

The Number 7 is directly related to the angelic realms, meaning that you literally have guardian angels supporting your every move. 

Can you feel the warm hug of them around you right now? 

The gift they want to share with you is one that is supernatural. 

They’re slowly opening the doors to the blessings all around you and the super special ones that have been stored within you all along. 

I can tell that you’re wise beyond your years and that is a gift that you must share with the world, {FIRSTNAME}. 

I know it is more comfortable to stay in your own zone of genius...your logical mind. It gives you the illusion of safety there because your mind is in control.

But, {FIRSTNAME}, your brain can only take you on the same path you’ve walked before.

You are ready for change. 

And quite honestly, the world needs you to share the Universal knowledge that’s being shared with you!

So, {FIRSTNAME}, take action today!

Use the spiritual vibrations imprinted in Number Seven by otherworldly Neptune, its ruling planet. The dreamy state you find yourself in is natural. Release yourself from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in the past months!

Just like a caterpillar, you’ve used this period for inner growth and metamorphosis, and it’s now time to spread your wings and let the world behold and drink in your beauty!

The world awaits your beautiful transformation, {FIRSTNAME}, and you are ready to step into your bright, shining future!

Number 6

Listen to this very spiritual message that The Number 6 has for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Right now, your present self needs to receive immense healing from phases of struggle and strife in your life. 

Not everyone likes that I can see the hardships they’ve been through, but I hope that you know that I only tapped into your personal energy to help guide you towards a better future now. 

Being a spiritual being in this physical world can be very challenging. It’s hard not to focus on finances and the material world when that’s all you seem to be surrounded around. 

However, you’re not even allowing your true nature to shine, {FIRSTNAME}, by being so in this world. 

The Number 6 is showing me that you have a future where you can actually tap into a flow state. 

{FIRSTNAME}, I see your nurturing nature. I know that if you didn’t have to work so hard to maintain your lifestyle, you would be able to touch so many people’s lives.

And humanity needs that more than ever right now.  

The Number 6 is inviting you to switch gears from “survival” mode to “thrival” mode by changing your mind about what abundance really means to you. 

Because let me tell you, {FIRSTNAME}...your future self is thriving

More money than you could even fathom is sitting in your future self’s bank account -- but the best part about it all is that you don’t even care to think about it. 

Because you stopped stressing about it and trusted the Universe to guide you to where you needed to be, you were blessed tenfold! 

You’re focused on how you can use your natural nurturing abilities to help those around you. That’s when you really started to realize that all of your needs would be met. 

If you take the healing energy of the Number 6 right now, you can begin to see the prosperous future that you hold as well. You’ll be able to innately begin to recognize who needs your help and how to help them with your natural abilities.

Are you willing to have the ability to become a fountain of abundance for those around you?

The Number 6 brings a message of great responsibility, but by the looks of your future, you’re more than capable of handling it!

Number 5

You wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams what The Number Five has in store for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

BIG, BIG, BIG changes are stirring in The Universe. When I look into your future, I can feel so much love, see so much wealth, and connect with the energy of abundance surrounding you. 

This can be hard to imagine right now, I know…

When Number 5 shows up, that tells me that you’ve had to deal with some instability. Moreover, you have a hard time sticking with one thing long enough to reap the benefits of it

I want you to know that you’re not supposed to. There is NOTHING wrong with you, {FIRSTNAME}, no matter how the current state of society tries to portray the world. 

STOP making yourself feel bad for following your natural sporadic flow of energy. 

You are beautiful now just the way you are and the more that you understand this, the closer you will get to becoming that beautiful glowing future version of yourself. 

Just because other people may be able to maintain their energy or inspiration longer than you, that DOES NOT mean that there’s anything wrong with you. 

You’re a LEADER. 

You’re an INNOVATOR. 


You’re an adventurous soul, {FIRSTNAME}, and your intuitive nature always finds the best opportunities to place you in the perfect, divinely guided positions. 

If you follow your natural energetic rhythm, you’ll be able to unlock your abundant nature because you can pass your ideas onto others. Literally, you’re a BOSS! Not a “worker bee.”

When you help others shine their light, you will receive all of that beautiful dharma back and receive the abundance, too.  

The Number Five is inviting you to tap into the high frequency vibrations that emanate from the bright future ahead of you. It is time for you to take a step back, recollect yourself, and put a different lens on how you view the world.

The Number Five is right now telling you to learn to delegate and collaborate with others so you can lean into your adventurous, creative side! 

Open yourself up to partnerships and you might see yourself reach your goals faster! You’ll soon be able to see your own prosperous future the more that you learn to just be you.

Allow number Five’s vibrations of resourcefulness, flexibility, and wittiness to embrace the drive brought by Mercury, its ruling planet, to help you advance in every area of your life.

Number 4

Receive this important message from The Number Four, {FIRSTNAME}!

It is time for you to take a chance on yourself -- there is so much stability in your very near future. 

You probably already know that you are the most grounded person in your family and circle of friends. It’s never been a surprise that you always come through when your loved ones need it -- but lately you might be feeling like no one is there for you...

Please, don’t let yourself spiral into a negative, isolated place, {FIRSTNAME}. The future that I’m seeing is more fulfilling than you could have ever imagined if you keep your heart open. 

Be honest with yourself -- it’s not in your nature to turn cold or stop showing empathy and compassion to those around you. 

The Universe wants you to see that the more that you give, the more that you will receive. 

In fact, you may even unlock your own ability to innately steer yourself in the most beneficial directions. To make choices that will lead you to connections that are fully reciprocal rather than draining. 

The Number Four is connected to the rebellious planet of Uranus and brings it’s strong energy to you to embody. Uranus is the planet of individuality and brings hope for the future itself. 

Even though it may not be the most “popular” thing on the planet right now to be so selfless, that is just who you truly are. Don’t shy away from that -- the world needs you. 

So, take a chance on yourself, {FIRSTNAME}. Step into the responsible, humanitarian role so that you can align with soul family and friends that will give you back just as much good energy as you put out. 

The more that you follow your own supernatural path, the clearer your bright future will become!

Number 3

Wow! The almighty creative Number Three has a time-sensitive message to share with you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Even though you may not feel like it now, your future is very bright. In the next few months, you will begin to thrive and prosper! 

The same message keeps coming to me over and over: just stay the course. 

Life may feel crazy now, but you’re connecting back to your divine inner being and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. 

I can tell that you’ve been consciously working on yourself and it’s about to show! 

Please DO NOT give up now. 

By staying true to your own unique path, you’re going to unlock your ability to truly create the life that you want to live by doing what you love. 

Number Three’s energy is directly tied to luck and good fortune. It’s bountiful, beautiful, and abundant! 

The home you want, will be yours. 

The car you want, will be yours. 

The successful business you desire, will be yours. 

By connecting back to the heart center and following the breadcrumb of messages that The Universe has been leaving you (including this one), your luck is about to take a turn for the better.  

Not only are you blessed, but the Universe is ready to reveal another special tool for you to use -- your sensuality. No, I’m not talking about anything inappropriate either, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re connecting back to the amazing feelings (or signals) that your body sends you when you’re in alignment. 

In this case, you’re extremely tapped into the divine feminine, nurturing energy. I can see you dancing, cooking, laughing, and loving like you never have before! 

Not only does your future self need you to lean into this wholeheartedly, but the world needs you, too. 

Mother Earth can’t be the only giver, nurturer, and support that humanity needs right now. YOU are also a part of this bigger, divine plan and that is why your future shining through so brightly to me right now. 

Once you begin to connect back to your body, your senses, and take action on your intuition, you will lead others to their divine truths as well. 

The Universe will reward you for fulfilling your life’s mission and staying true to yourself!

The Number 2

The Number Two has a strong energetic message for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

The healing energy emanating from your future self will bring you back into balance. I can see that this journey may not be the easiest, but it’s completely necessary. 

Yes, your guides, angels, and ancestors have seen you struggling with imbalance and are here with you now to give you the guidance that you truly need. 

Before I tapped into my own fortune telling abilities, I believed it was too difficult to see past the conflict or challenging life-impacting situations. They can be all encompassing and even drowning…

But the Universe is waiting for you to simply allow it to support you right now.  This clear message from your abundant, prosperous higher self is coming from the Number Two: in order to create a better future for yourself, you must take a step back right now, {FIRSTNAME}. 

When the Number Two shows up, it’s time to find a middle ground. It represents balance and a strong desire for harmony

Sometimes, this may show up as you eliminating certain things from your life to restore balance. 

Since the Number Two is influenced by the Moon,  you’re accessing the gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibrations that can connect you back to your own intuitive abilities. 

Have you been lacking direction in your life, {FIRSTNAME}? 

To reveal your unique life path, you must learn to trust yourself -- your real self, the spirit within -- to guide you on this journey without any distractions. 

Choosing the number two should give you hope, {FIRSTNAME}.

It is the sign you’ve been waiting for, that things will take a turn for the better should you stop looking at everyone else for the answers that you can find within. 

Take a look inside your soul. Find the missing pieces and connect them in unity so that this will be the last oracle message that you will ever need!

You will soon be able to stay true to your vision for the future and turn things around, no matter how challenging it looks right now.

The Number 1

The Number One has an important message for you about your near future, {FIRSTNAME}. 

This is the start of something completely new….if you allow it to be. I can see it clearly now even if you can’t completely see the full picture. 

The forces of this great Universe are urging you to allow this healing energy into your life. It’s time to embrace change and start a new beginning in your life

It may be hard to believe because your mind has been on a negative, spiraling autopilot, creating and recreating unfavorable situations in your current reality. This can make it difficult to have clarity in your life and move on your divine path with confidence. 

I used to be there, in the same mindset, until I decided to take the healing that Number One was trying to give me. Only then did I truly unlock my fortune telling abilities! 

Be grateful for this moment of contrast, {FIRSTNAME}, because you’re about to embark on a journey that will help you see into your beautiful, bountiful future just as I’ve been blessed to do. 

The Number One is asking you to release old thought patterns and habits. Please realize that clinging to the negative won’t allow you to turn your attention to what you want to create in this life instead. 

Take a deep breath and put every bit of your attention and intention on what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want.

You cannot continue to let your fears control the direction of your life anymore,  {FIRSTNAME}! I can see both paths clearly and if you continue this way, you risk losing much more than you could have ever imagined. 

On the other hand, the future's so bright for you! Honestly, it's so bright that it’s hard to explain the blessings that are coming your way without you thinking they're impossible from where you’re standing right now.  

The key to quantum leaping into that more abundant timeline is the immediate change in your conscious reality from the inside out. You must emanate a positive, abundant frequency.

Having the Number One show up for you indicates that you are now activating your personal power and putting yourself first. 

This is the first step on a powerful new path in your life where you will be able to begin tapping into source energy from the Universe and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

The Universe wants to help you, {FIRSTNAME}, but you must take action today.

This is also a time for you to focus on enhancing your leadership skills and increasing your strength in many areas of your life, {FIRSTNAME}.

Humanity needs you to own your inner strength and power and fully show up as the leader you are right now. Above all else, YOU NEED YOU!