The Tower

The Tower card is the epitome of chaotic relationships. The Tower is tall and lofty, but from it falls a lady who is looking back, watching all she had is now burning to the ground. Albeit dramatic, this is a fair description of what heartbreak feels like. Without serious intervention, your relationships may feel unstable, unpredictable, and messy.

The Tower warns of people who come off as charming, exciting, spontaneous, but completely unreliable. If you have a tendency to be attracted to the thrill, you may be inviting trouble into your life. Find excitement and adventure in safe, healthy, and productive ways with a partner you can depend on and who will commit to you the way you commit to them.

Pulling the Tower card tells me you’ve been left hanging in previous relationships. Just when you were having fun, the rug was pulled from under your feet and you were left to start all over again on your own.

There is a silver lining hidden within the imagery of the Tower card. 22 flames burning on the tower down represent the 12 zodiac signs and 10 points found on the Tree of Life, suggesting that even in times of disaster, there is always divine intervention, purpose, and salvation. This tells me that even though heartbreak caused you immense suffering, there are lessons and parts of yourself that were discovered as a result. After all, had it not been for these letdowns, you wouldn’t be here with me receiving the most powerful guidance in your life. 

If you catch wind of someone getting close to you with bad intentions or a false premise that you don’t indulge in the connection. Even if you think you can keep them at a distance, your fragile heart runs the risk of getting attached and then being broken.

When you are with Your Twin Flame, things will feel calm, not chaotic. They will keep their word, value honesty, and not run from commitment.