The Sun

The happiest Major Arcana, the Sun card tells me that Your Twin Flame is a bright and beautiful soul. They are beaming with energy and have a smile that would take your breath away. They may even have wavy or curly hair. They are charming, happy-go-lucky, and genuinely get along with almost everyone.

Your Twin Flame will appear when you are in a happy place. It feels as if the stars align because they show up when everything else in life seems to be going well. They are there to celebrate your joy and add to it.

Your relationship will be filled with humor, trust, stability, and adventure. You will have plenty of fun together that won’t die off during the dating phase. The peace, passion, and good times carry on the rest of your life and you both will rely a lot on your positive natures and laughs to pull the relationships through hard times.

I sense that Your Twin Flame is an Air sign with Fire sign placements. They are quick-witted, have many interests and hobbies, are incredibly friendly and popular, and want to introduce you to their world. They will be so proud that you’re theirs and will bring you around family and friends often. Beyond their love, they will bring into your life many loving people as if their sole purpose is to ensure that you are never lonely.

Considerate and compassionate, Your Twin Flame is very attuned to your emotions and is eager to let you know, that in all things you have their support. They are fun-loving, successfully, and their aura is filled with warmth.

The Sun card invites you to tune into your inner child. To find opportunities in life to be playful, carefree, and trusting in even the wildest ideas. The love you will share with Your Twin Flame is dreamlife and dares you to trust in the possibilities. Remain optimistic and hopeful and you will attract Your Twin Flame in no time.