The Moon

The Moon indicates a relationship that disconnects you from your true self. It seems you have partners who try to change you or cause you to feel like you have to change yourself to keep them. This is a subtle form of abuse that can leave you damaged for a very long time.

I know how important it is to you that you follow your heart, so it’s especially important to find someone who appreciates your authentic nature instead of causing you to go against it.

The Moon only comes out at night, so this tells me there is a lot that you hide and emotions that you keep tucked away. Perhaps you’re not entirely healed from a previous heartache. This could also indicate secret relationships. You could have been with or are susceptible to attracting someone who isn't willing to tell the world about you. They don’t bring you around friends or family or post pictures of you on social media. Behind closed doors, they treat you one way, and in front of others, they treat you another way. The inconsistency is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

The Moon is positioned between two towers. This tells me you need to maintain your own identity when in a relationship. It’s critical you don’t get so sucked into the “us” and “we” that you lose the “I” and “me.” There is a tendency to lose balance as soon as you fall for someone.

The moon is urging you to discern between deep interest and enmeshment. It can feel enchanting to find someone who is obsessed with you but can cause a significant imbalance in your life later on. The Moon card has an image of a howling, lone wolf. This is a testament to your loneliness. There is a deep longing for a partner, someone you can do life with.

If you can overcome the lessons from the first card, it will be easy for you to tap into your powerful intuition and spot Your Twin Flame even in a vast sea of fish. Otherwise, it can be a long series of trial and error. Many failed relationships could lead to you losing the trust you have in your ability to choose a partner.

I sense there is fear in your heart. Fear that you’ll always be alone or never find the one.

Your Twin Flame will eliminate the anxiety, pressure, and fear that relationships induce in you. Mental blocks and negative self-talk have kept you from love a few times, but even that won’t keep the one who’s meant for you away.