The Justice

The Justice card tells me you attract relationships with significant imbalance. Whether it’s finances, responsibility, or shared emotions, one partner (likely you) seems to put in more effort. You may experience a partnership where financial and emotional maturity is unstable or completely nonexistent.

Your current affairs lack a sense of accountability fairness and are rifled with unkept promises and dishonesty. Perhaps you’ve been dating for years but have yet to receive a formal invitation for partnership are continue to go without labels. The Justice card also shows up when the roles within a relationship are unclear.

A partner who contrasts your personality would bring you the balance you crave. If you tend to be an overthinker with flighty tendencies. So a grounded, stable partner can help bring you back down to earth.

The Justice card indicates very indecisive energy on the part of you or your potential partners. You may have even juggled two people becoming paralyzed by the idea of choosing one. If you do find yourself in this position, it is certain you will lose them both. Not knowing where you want to go with someone is a lack of emotional awareness and self-knowing.

I invite you to dig deeper, get to know what it is you crave from love and a partner so that you can, with confidence, proclaim, “this is what I want, and I want it now!”.

To attract love, you must prepare for it. Aligning energetically with Your Twin Flame will be the key to attracting them. The Justice card invites you to seek the truth in why you want a relationship. Instead of going for the person who may look good on paper, find the person who mirrors your heart. Magic is found in the subtleties between you and your someone special.

Some warnings from this card are to be wary of a wolf in sheep's clothing. If you’re with someone and continuously question the value and depth of the connection, it's your sign to take a step back and evaluate whether this is the one. When you’re with Your Twin Flame, there will be a feeling of certainty, security, and balance.