The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents institutions, status quo, spirituality and offers profound insight into the position you typically hold in relationships. You are likely more of an initiator who takes the lead. Whether they follow or if it works out in your favor is a different story. But it is in your nature to pursue what you want.

Wise beyond your years, it is important for you to find love through emotional and spiritual attraction. The Hierophant represents traditions and indicates that relationships that happen organically for you will be more successful and fulfilling. This card tells me that spiritual guidance will lead to Your Twin Flame. Divination tools can help clarify the person you’re meant to be with and be the means by which you come to recognize them.

A major struggle you have in relationships is attracting people with clashing values. It’s often long after you’ve started to fall for someone when an event or conversation occurs and exposes the vast difference in belief systems.

The Hierophant tells me you are looking for a serious commitment that leads to marriage. The typical person in your age group doesn’t “get” you the way you’d like, so you need someone older or with a wise spirit like your own. You want to court or be courted and prefer to take things slow and steady.

If you can’t overcome the blockages revealed to you in the first card, it will be hard to come across someone who aligns with your values, and that can honor the relationship the way you can. But because you want the marriage and family story so badly, you are at risk for settling. This is unfair to yourself and to Your Twin Flame who awaits you.

The Hierophant urges you to stay on your path. And to never diminish your standards and to refuse to settle. This card depicts a religious figure who has taken the path less chosen in order to remind true to himself and his beliefs. You must listen to your heart and stay true to yourself in order to find the love of your life.