The Hermit

The Hermit is very introspective and has a natural tendency to be alone. You may have even felt lonely while in a relationship. There’s an overwhelming feeling that your partners never really know or understand you.

The Hermit walks his path carrying a lamp in front of him. This is symbolic of hope. Even if love has let you down and relationships came up short, you are still searching for the one–Your Twin Flame. You haven’t found anyone you can see a long-term future with, or they were with you but not looking for long-term. The Hermit indicates multiple relationships that were relatively short-lived.

You are hyper-aware of people’s shortcomings and of your own. You will walk away from someone as soon as they demonstrate something, even small, that bothers you. You don’t seek perfection, but you have a low tolerance for people's quirks and shortcomings. Release judgment and practice patience. We are all human, and flaws are a beautiful chance to grow, mature, and become our ideal selves. 

The Hermit indicates a need for self-love. Often deflecting your self-judgment onto others leads to prematurely cutting off potentially beautiful opportunities for romance. Begin to look for the good in yourself, and the good in others will stand out. It’s time to become the ideal lover that you seek.

You may also feel like there’s so much you don’t know about finding and maintaining long-term relationships. But a lot of your lessons have been through soul-searching instead of tapping into the powerful resources of others who mastered the skills of finding and keeping love.

Lessons to learn to attract Your Twin Flame include becoming less guarded, resisting judging others too soon, and trusting in your ability to feel and express genuine love. You are on the right path, but it’s time to receive some external input on how to get the love you seek.

The Hermit indicates a need for a partnership at the soul level. It is important to you that Your Twin Flame be on a path toward self-discovery and prioritize growth and personal development the way you do. You aren’t the type to settle, nor should you. Just keep in mind humans are designed to be imperfect. Don’t let the first imperfection you spot become an excuse to run for the hills.

You’ve likely been alone for a while now and are convinced that your destiny is to be single forever. I assure you, it’s not. I have seen Your Twin Flame. They are waiting for you now.