The Emperor

The Emperor tends to know really well what he wants but goes about getting it in all the wrong ways. You may have a tendency to be aggressive, move too fast, or even bail out of relationships. I see that you are unwilling to settle but can also put many demands on your partners. You can be stubborn and a little rough around the edges. But this is in part why you get what you want in life but it can work against you when it comes to love.

You expect a lot from others, just as you expect a lot from yourself. Unfortunately, your need for structure and control clashes with the passionate, unexpecting, and wild nature of falling in love. Create more flexible opportunities to be spontaneous, free, and drop the need to exercise control or dominance.

Oftentimes, the need to control or be controlled is fear-based and result from a lack of self-trust. Because you don’t believe in your ability to discern who is good for you and who isn’t, you only go for people who are predictable or just want to be told what to do. Ultimately, you’ll notice the imbalance in the relationship, feel unfulfilled, and leave.

Similarly, you may be attracting someone who is controlling, leaving you to feel weak, helpless, and lonely within the relationship. The Emperor is father energy and can invite us to heal the relationship with the father figure in our lives so that we can have more fulfilling relationships with others.

The Emperor tells me that you need to let go. You’re trying too hard to manipulate the aspects in life that are inherently spontaneous. It’s time for you to be swept off your feet, but that can only happen if you stop stubbornly insisting on standing on your own two feet. Stop resisting, fall, fly, and heed to loves beckoning call. You deserve to be happy after all. When you let go, you tell the Universe that you trust its ability to bring you your perfect match.

But the Emperor is more than just powerful and controlling. He is adored, trustworthy, and keeps his word. This tells me that when you do find the one, you are willing to give it all you’ve got and commit. When you find Your Twin Flame, the relationship will feel like a natural process for you. You are always willing to drop your guard and do what it takes to protect the relationship since you can sense that Your Twin Flame is the one for you.