The Temperance card tells me you and Your Twin Flame share a life purpose and may meet through activism, work, or a hobby that you’re passionate about. You have shared interests and will spend a lot of time together doing the things that you both love.

Your Twin Flame offers you incredible balance that you’re not used to. You feel like you can trust them blindly and are impressed by their financial responsibility and emotional maturity. They are the perfect blend of expressive and emotional while remaining practical, stable, and sincere.

I sense that Your Twin Flame is a Water sign with Earth sign placements. This indicates a passionate person who follows their heart through reasonable means. They are driven by emotions but balanced by practicality. They have an inherent innocence even though they’ve experienced a lot and learned some painful lessons in life.

Your Twin Flame has a unique ability to inspire you to be better. They encourage you to speak your truth, stand in your power, and follow through with your purpose without intentionally trying to. They are your biggest fan and forever cheerleader. They want nothing more than to see you happy and fulfilled.

The Temperance card emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself. It is in participating in your interests and following your life purpose that you find Your Twin Flame, you must be putting yourself out there and actually doing it! The card shows someone pouring from one chalice to another, this symbolizes filling your own cup so that you can then fill another. 

Self-love will overflow from your heart and you’ll be exuding loving and inviting energy that will ring out to Your Twin Flame no matter where they are. Similarly, Your Twin Flame is the type of person who honors their own needs, takes good care of themselves, is emotionally available, and is ready and waiting to pour their love onto you.