Tarot - Virgo

You take your time to fall in love. Like most things in life, you want it to be as perfect and controlled as possible. You aren’t one to lose yourself in another person and would be turned off if someone was willing to give up their lifestyle for you. INtelecct, good conversations, and someone you can learn from turns you on. But no amount of smartness will make you tolerate a rude person. You pay attention to someone treats the waiter, a stranger, and their friends and family. You know, that it’s an indicator of how they’ll treat you and you’ll dodge the risk immediately.

When you do find the intimate relationship you’re looking for, your expression is subtle and composed. Grand gestures may not be your style but you are sure to let Your Twin Flame know they can rely on you for anything. It is important that your efforts don’t go unnoticed and will swoon for someone who recognizes and appreciates you. You obviously want to be supported and Your Twin Flame will be there to carry the weight on your shoulders. But it is important that you feel you have added practical value to someone’s life.

Life with Your Twin Flame feels effortless. They see what needs to be done and proactively handle business without needing to be told. They are responsible, mature, and attentive. Nothing ever feels like too much and they share your values surrounding organization and planning.

I sense that Your Twin Flame is an Earth sign with mostly Earth sign placements. They are grounded, stable, financially independent. They want you but don’t need anyone–sound familiar?

They compliment you best by reminding you how important you are and encouraging you to rest. While you’re out here taking care of everyone and everything, they’re gonna make sure you’re taken care of. They don’t want to scare you by showing it, but they are mad for you and you can sense it in all they do.

Once you’ve connected with Your Twin Flame, life starts to feel easy. When you’re around them you feel stress and pressure slip away. You feel seen and understood in ways you never have before. Above all, you feel safe in the relationships with Your Twin Flame. But it is important that you maintain your identity. 

When you are head over heels for someone you have chameleon tendencies and start to reflect their personality and become overly interested in their interests and forget your own. This can put unnecessary pressure on the relationships and cause you to feel you’ve lost yourself in them. When you notice yourself ignoring the things you used to do, that’s your sign to pull back the reigns and find balance. Your Twin Flame will be patient as you find your footing and learn what it’s like to maintain and stable, healthy, balanced relationship that can last a lifetime.