Tarot - Taurus

With your feet planted firmly on the ground, you fall in love with your mind first. Not always trusting your heart, the earth energy of your sign wants to see that their potential partner is consistent. Schmoozing you hardly ever works. You are attracted to go-getters who have their own things in life going on and won’t infringe on their ambitions. 

Like you, Your Twin Flame repels drama and wants a lover who is clear-minded and knows what they want, and doesn’t hesitate in pursuing it. Your relationship will be calm, cool, and collected. You two are likely to contribute to each other's careers and achievements. Your Twin Flame loves to perform acts of service and helps you take care of practical matters. They are always seeking new ways to support you or make your life easier.

You aren’t interested in flighty, unpredictable, spontaneous people. You want someone who is serious about you and the relationship. The moment you realize you can’t see a future with them, you’re out of there.

You tend to have long relationships. Your ruler Venus, gives a sense of endurance and persistence in love. You always want to make it work. This has led to overstaying relationships in the past but with Your Twin Flame, love isn’t work. It's secure, it’s easy, and feels right. You both work hard and then enjoy lazy weekends together.

Once your perfect partner feels chosen, they will do anything for you. Quality time is important to you both and even the simple date nights in with delivery food and binge-watching your favorite shows feels wildly romantic to you both. You share a similar sense of humor and can crack each other up with just the slightest glance. You will have inside jokes and everyone can see your connection and will want what you have.

Trust and stability are of utmost importance to you. If someone breaks your trust, you’ll never forget it. You’ll try, but you’ll always have one eye open. With Your Twin Flame, you’ll never have to compromise your values and relationship goals. They get it and want the same. Both of you have settled for less until you meet each other. It feels like the perfect balance.

Your lives will merge effortlessly. You’ll find yourselves doing everything together and loving every minute of it. Eventually, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived all this time without them.