Tarot - Pisces

You are dreamy and desire a love that’s dreamlike. You are a powerful force of passion, curiosity, and devotion. Whoever ends up with you is incredibly lucky. In the past, you may attract people that are broken. Your heart wants to fix others and show them they are deserving of love, too. But in the process, you may have broken your own heart one too many times.

You are sensitive, expressive and seek a fairytale love. You approach relationships with hope, optimism, and a heavy dose of idealism. Sometimes this can be unhealthy as you start to perceive a potential partner as who you want them to be rather than who they really are. You have a tendency to move fast and may find yourself hearing wedding bells after a first date.

The pleasure you get from love and romance is admirable, but it’s important that the person you share these feelings with is receptive and reflects similar adoration and devotion. You have to learn to trust someone with your heart instead of just doting over theirs. 

I sense that Your Twin Flame is a Water sign with Earth placements. They feel things as deeply as you and can create a practical balance within the connection. Your Twin Flame helps you see the realistic demands that can be put on a relationship that requires actual work. This aspect can be a challenge for you but Your Twin Flame is there to teach you how worth it is to come down to Earth and solidify the things that mean the most to you.

Your Twin Flame strengthens your intuition and helps you foster your sixth sense. They nurture your craving for the mystical, magical, and dramatic. They reciprocate your selflessness and always make you feel heard and appreciated. You crave commitment and Your Twin Flame is ready to devote their all to you if you will do the same.

It’s important to nurture the relationship and take your time. Don’t run away when you find that your muse and hero are just as human as you are. People make mistakes and mess up. But love is the ultimate teacher.

The relationship with Your Twin Flame feels like a dream come true–only this time it’s real. You will finally have the one who lives up to your expectations and it comes from a sincere place. Your Twin Flame is a safe place for you to wear your heart on your sleeve. They will protect your vulnerability and hold it in high regard.