Tarot - Cancer

Bringing you coffee in the morning and sharing plenty of cuddles at night–Your Twin Flame feels like home for you. They are a safe place to unravel a long day, explore your inner fantasies, and experience real love. You want a deep connection and someone willing to swim the depths of your emotions and explore various ways to connect to each other. You don’t need anything fancy, just someone to share your time with who embraces you fully.

You are ruled by the Moon, making you uniquely compassionate and intuitive. You are capable of feeling every emotion at the deepest level. You’ll be able to spot if your partner is having a bad day from a mile away. Your nurturing nature will make your partner feel protected and cared for. 

Considered the mother of the zodiac, you’ll want to be conscious that your caring doesn’t become overbearing. It will be important that you don’t try to therapize them or fix everything they’re going through. Instead, boost their morale and remind them that they are capable. Always trust that your partner knows what’s best for themselves and lean into a supportive role. 

Rest assured, Your Twin Flame isn’t likely to get defensive. They can tune into your sensitive nature and hold a safe space for your many feelings. They are comfortable being vulnerable with you and you will feel an equal exchange of emotions. But they balance you out. If you ever float too far into the deep end, they are the float that helps you tread water.

Your Twin Flame understands that your caring nature wears on you and will be your source of energy when you need to recharge. Your gentle nature and sensitivity will be a source of strength for your bond. Your Twin Flame will never take advantage of your softness and will always encourage you to be vulnerable in front of them.

Your perfect partner has a keen sense of awareness and can tell when you’re feeling lonely and need a little extra quality time. It’s sometimes hard to ask for what you want, but your relationship will benefit greatly if you practice communicating your needs. Your Twin Flame is aware but not psychic.

You are destined to build a beautiful homestead with Your Twin Flame, someone who is waiting and ready to accompany you on life’s many magical milestones.