Tarot - Aries

You have big goals in life and need a supportive partner to cheer you on. After all, you are quite enthusiastic about them too, so they mustn’t hold back their adoration. As a fire sign, you are romantic and don’t hesitate to take the initiative. You’re even happy to pick up the bill on the first few dates as long as the financial investment is reciprocated. Balance is key.

It might take some time for you to turn fun into a serious commitment, but when you do, you’re all in. Your Twin Flame would never rush you. Your paces will synchronize, and the relationship will progress naturally. 

You are passionate about life and need someone who shares your enthusiasm. Your Twin Flame has a tendency to get caught up in the most seemingly mundane details and makes them feel like magic. They have a wild imagination that keeps you buzzing. Their zest for life turns you on and makes you want to be a better person for them. They also do an exceptional job at standing their ground when you challenge them in any way that only draws you closer to them and increases the attraction.

You both remind solid individuals within the relationships. You never have to compromise your authenticity and lifestyle with Your Twin Flame. This is something they desire, too. You’ll have plenty of shared interests that include staying active, going to events, and taking spontaneous road trips together. But when it comes time to go out with your friends or if you need some time to yourself, they are genuinely understanding and never make you feel guilty for expressing your needs.

There is never a dull moment for you and Your Twin Flame. Even if you’re snowed in, stuck in traffic, or locked in a studio apartment during quarantine–you always manage to engage and entertain each other. Beaming with imagination, Your Twin Flame has no issues catching and maintaining your interest. And they find you just as thrilling.

Your zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars, making you tenacious, passionate, and aggressive. It’s important that you gauge your energy when interacting with Your Twin Flame. Be sensitive and present so that you can sympathize with their emotions before dumping all of your energy onto them.

Your perfect partner wants to see you chase your goals. They never try to stand in the way of anything you’re trying to achieve because they know how important it is to you. They genuinely want to see you happy and doing things that make you feel fulfilled. They also know how passionate you are for them and that all the effort you put into your personal projects gets returned to the relationship ten-fold. The bond with Your Twin Flame is one of trust, security, and great compatibility.