Tarot - Aquarius

You fall in love with your mind first and your heart falls later. You require mental stimulation and someone who matches or surpasses your intellect. Your general curiosity is was keeps your focus, and your ideal partner is a little hard to read. Open books might turn you off. Initially, you need a little mystery to keep you coming back for more.

In a relationship, you can be tough to read. Expressing love and romance can feel a little unnatural to you, so it’s important to have a  partner who gets that and doesn’t need constant reassurance. You are selective with who you choose and someone has to be pretty unique and special to catch your attention. It’s fair considering you’re a pretty special catch, too.

It takes you a while to open your heart up so it’s essential that your perfect partner be patient and willing to move at the same pace. They must also honor your need for space, freedom, and individuality. You’re not interested in giving up aspects of yourself to accommodate a relationship. But this doesn’t mean you won’t work hard to maintain one. Once you commit, you don’t give up easily.

I sense that Your Twin Flame is a Fires sign with Earth sign placements. Passionate but grounded, Your Twin Flame takes charge and is great at steering the direction of the relationship. They may be opposite of you but it creates a steady balance. You feel pursued but not overwhelmed. Wanted but not needed. You’ll share many interests with Your Twin Flame and they have a burning curiosity about life and the world that keeps you intrigued. 

Your Twin Flame doesn’t pry. They are patient and understanding of your need to open up and be vulnerable when you’re ready. They enjoy your company and don’t put pressure on anything. You’ll likely be friends with them for a while before it progresses.

Life with Your Twin Flame feels like freedom. If you are willing to trust them, they can show you the world. Expect stimulating conversations, long nights watching documentaries, and trying new cuisines. They can teach you how to share your feelings comfortably and with confidence and are a source of peace to ease your anxiety. Your Twin Flame is your safe place and it won’t take long for you to recognize just how irreplaceable they are. They will spark inspiration in you and you will spend a lot of time together exploring creative outlets

You don’t need to change to be with the one you love, but it is in your favor to practice communicating your feelings. You have so much to offer so when you meet the one who is worth it, don’t hesitate to speak up.