Scorpio (New)

Scorpio is a water sign, similar to emotional Cancer and dreamer Pisces. Along with this comes a deep and brooding nature, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Surface-level isn’t for you. You like to dive in as deeply as possible, especially in the area of romance.

If it’s not meaningful, it’s not worth your time, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You are one of the few signs ruled by two planets - yours are Mars and Pluto. This means that you are here to shake things up and make something of yourself.

In love, you may find that passion is in fashion, and that your relationships must go through levels of figurative death and rebirth, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You’re always re-envisioning yourself and going through some kind of personal reinvention. 

You keep those around you on their toes, and expect them to see and experience things as deeply as you do. You also hold a vast interest for all things taboo.

There is something very magnetic about you, {FIRSTNAME}. You seem to draw others to you without putting much effort into the feat. This is your gift. However, it can seem like both a blessing and a curse…

A blessing because, well, who wouldn’t want to attract people? And a curse because you may find yourself attracting everyone and anyone, regardless if they’re a good match for your unique energy.

Try practicing these three things to attract Your Twin Flame…

  1. Find an outlet for your passions, especially if it involves interacting with others. This can be pottery-making, partaking in sports, or simply sprucing up your culinary skills.
  2. Become the type of partner that you yourself would like to have. Highlight your strengths and notice magnetism in others.

Don’t place too much importance on sex. Sex is very important in a relationship, just make sure it’s not your end-all be-all when looking for Your Twin Flame.