Libra (New)

Love is the name of the game for you, Libra! You thrive in partnerships and are always seeking the love of your life.

The planet that rules you, {FIRSTNAME}, is none other than Venus. The planet of (you guessed it) love. 

You feel that two is better than one, and often find yourself paired up with people in both romantic and platonic situations. 

As an air sign, you may find that you feel closest to those who stimulate your mind. Your Twin Flame must share this gift, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Pleasure, beauty, and love are your passions. You are attracted to people who are beautiful in nature, but must be mindful that you’re not placing physical attraction above all else.

A person is more than skin-deep. Look underneath and discover the true essence of those who you surround yourself with. 

Always trying to balance, {FIRSTNAME}, you may seek out those who are a polar opposite to you, feeling that they can help make you whole. 

While opposites do attract, you may be better off with someone whose interests are more intertwined with your own. This makes for delicious conversation and mutually-shared hobbies.

You must remember, dear {FIRSTNAME}...

  1. Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. This is not the way to begin a true soulmate connection.
  2. If you fall hard, get back up on the horse. Since you always strive to be in a relationship, you may unintentionally set your standards low, which leads to a disconnect and inevitable breakup.
  3. You are a natural peacemaker. It’s one of your many gifts, {FIRSTNAME}. Bring this into your relationships to find harmony throughout.