{FIRSTNAME}, as a Gemini, you have so much to offer to the collective. You’re a natural student and teacher of life, reflecting the duality of the Gemini symbol: the twins. 

Also, having Mercury as your ruling planet gives you the lightning quick mind to scan, search, and find what resonates with your soul. 

It can feel like lifetimes before you meet that right person or that right thing that  actually catches your attention and peaks your curious mind. 

Trust me, I understand...I’ve encountered quite a few Geminis on my soul’s journey as well -- but none of them have had a future as bright as yours is shining right now. 

You are one unique being, {FIRSTNAME}! Gemini’s are naturally playful, creatie, and have amazing social skills…

But YOU bring all of these qualities to the table and more. Your future self has the innate ability to express itself, it’s unique ideas, and make a real impact on everyone around you. 

I can see that you’ve begun to understand the Law of Attraction on a whole different level. Because you were desiring abundance so much in your past, you decided to release the stress of working so hard for that and focused on being your true self. 

Surprise, surprise… everything else flowed to you when you began to realize who you truly were. What lies ahead is fun, love, and wealth in many different forms from freedom to finances as well! 

You are a free spirit, and no ties could ever hold you down -- not back then, now, or even in your abundant future.