{FIRSTNAME}, you are concerned about your future, and I completely understand that. We all experience it. But, before giving you the tools you need to cope and overcome that, I believe you should address the root cause of your worries.

Right now, you seem to be torn between doing what you yearn for, and what you’re supposed to do... 

Choosing between them looks like a sacrifice you’re not willing to make… yet!

{FIRSTNAME}, have you ever stopped to wonder why these incredibly personal choices seem so hard to make? 

Most of them come from the deepest parts of your mind and soul, but there’s more…

Think of the last time you had to choose? Think of the last time you watched yourself in the mirror, trying to muster the courage to speak your mind!

It might hurt, {FIRSTNAME}, but I need you to go back to that place and try to pinpoint the reason behind your lack of self-confidence.

Is it caused by some extra pounds? Getting inappropriate feedback on your work in the past? Being left out by your friends from special events? Getting praised for something you did outstandingly, only to later realize it came with strings attached because that person actually needed a “favor”?

There can be more that one reason, {FIRSTNAME}, and a build-up like this can actually break even the strongest of people.

So, are you willing to say “No more!”?  

Because  that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do right now, {FIRSTNAME}.

Soon, the Universe will grace you with one of the most important gifts of all: clarity. 

And if you choose to follow your Cosmic Destiny, you will suddenly understand that rejoicing about your wins doesn’t make you a sore winner. It doesn’t alienate people from your life…

Actually, the opposite happens: you attract the right energies into your life. And it happens on both an earthly and spiritual level.

You are fearful right now, {FIRSTNAME}, and I fully understand you because I was you. 

Yes, some people will exit your life, but that’s because they didn’t belong in it to begin with.

However, after that, you will make the connections you need and reveal hidden messages the Universe is sending you.

But no matter how special this moment of clarity will be, it will also be short.

So, when it comes, you need to be prepared, {FIRSTNAME}!

Take this time to see, observe, and absorb all the information you need. 

Search inside you for those true core values that help you live your life so gracefully.

Because soon you’ll need it, {FIRSTNAME}. 

I will be right beside you to guide you through your life’s true mission, and you will manage to stand up in the light.

And once you do…

Once you follow your true Cosmic Destiny, {FIRSTNAME}, all your wishes, dreams, and hopes will be fulfilled. 

You will no longer struggle with making yourself seen without guilt or fear. 

You will not struggle with money, time, or that selfish feeling you’ve experienced so far because you will gain and give at the same time.

So get ready to set your ambitions high, {FIRSTNAME}! 

Because you will get passionate, ambitious, and even a bit wild! But it will help you grow and manifest your soul’s true mission!

And what better way to follow your Cosmic Destiny than doing what you love, {FIRSTNAME}?