You are a very special, psychic sign -- the crabby Cancer. 

Just kidding, {FIRSTNAME}! I know that you hate to be called sensitive, but I really encourage you to embrace this super power. Cancers are ruled by the Mother Moon, the ruler of emotions, and facilitator of the constant ebbs and flows of energy that we all interact with on a collective level. 

Yes, {FIRSTNAME}, you are very powerful, indeed! 

Sensitivity is nothing more than being in tune with your senses. There’s nothing wrong with that! 

In fact, I can see in your future that you are going to unlock your intuitive abilities and level up your entire life once you stop letting others tell you something different when you already know the truth. 

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need proof of how you know things, {FIRSTNAME}. The Universe gave you this supernatural ability to tap into the energies surrounding you to give you and only you the information you need to move forward on your divine soul path. 

You are a special breed, {FIRSTNAME}. You have the innate talent in cultivating, nurturing, and helping heal and grow things, whether that be a passion project or the people that surround you. 

Your future is mighty bright if you can hone in on these skills to give when you feel called to -- not just because you feel obligated to

And know this above everything else, {FIRSTNAME}, you deserve love, too! And your future is overflowing with heart centered connections! Your soulful and empathic nature allows you to sense what others are feeling and the best part is that you will meet others that can do the same for you. 

You’ll begin to notice that your blessings will flow in when you begin to take care of yourself, your needs just as you take care of everyone around you.